Managed Services Overview: Networks and computers are not “set and forget” devices. Continuous maintenance and monitoring should be performed on all computers and network infrastructure to improve reliability and performance. Securing your computers, networks, and data against the expanding array of cyber-threats requires a multi-layer approach with proper configuration practices, updates, and monitoring for abnormal activity. Proactive maintenance is similar to routine bi-annual teeth cleanings and monitoring is similar to x-rays and intra-oral pictures to identify underlying problems and to provide baselines and trends. To best suit your needs, we offer several options to manage services of any company or organization…Package 1, Package 2

Package 1: Proactive Maintenance (Bronze)

Longview Computer and Network Services offers the following support through our Proactive Maintenance service. This level of support is intended to meet all routine maintenance and security needs and provide documentation and monitoring and diagnostic tools to assist with supporting end users and remediating issues.

  • Patching. Applications, operating systems, and devices require regular updates to fix known security vulnerabilities and bugs and to add new features. 90% of attacks (including the recent WannaCry ransomware infection) exploit known vulnerabilities for which patches were issued but were not applied.
  • Managed Antivirus. Our antivirus software contains full remote monitoring and management. We are promptly notified of any problems with the software and any malware detections. Users are not bothered with warning messages that they may not know how to handle. Investigation of threat detections is included.
  • Exploit/Vulnerability Mitigation. Through a combination of exploit mitigation software, vulnerability scanning, and sound configuration practices, we block many of the common avenues used by malware and hackers to infect computers.
  • Cisco Umbrella blocks malware, botnets, and phishing over any port, protocol, or app and also detects and contains advanced attacks before they can cause damage. It uses predictive analytics and machine learning to protect against known and unknown threats that are commonly missed by standard antivirus.
  • Performance and Log Monitoring. Monitoring provides automatic notification of certain issues which provides faster resolution of problems. Many times, problems can be addressed before the customer is even aware of them. Monitoring also provides vital troubleshooting information. Without logs and monitoring information, remediating problems typically takes 4 times as long (and thus 4x the expense). Monitoring dramatically reduces this which results in faster resolution and reduced billable support time.
  • Remote Support allows faster response to problems and reduces expense by avoiding costly site visits.
  • Asset Tracking. This reduces incidents of lost application licenses which forces customers to repurchase software. Detailed information on IT assets also allows us to resolve problems faster.
  • Network Documentation. We compile detailed documentation of your network wiring, topology, and configuration. This information allows us to resolve problems faster and ensures that your network is properly configured.

Package 2: Fully Managed Services (Gold)

Our Fully Managed option includes all the features of Proactive Maintenance as well as the addition of support for moves, adds, changes, and technical issues for the covered equipment. Up to 10 hours of on-site and remote support per month is included without incurring the hourly support and site-visit fees. Projects and installation of new software/equipment are addressed on a case-by-case basis.

This model offers several advantages over paying for support on an as-needed basis.

Stable Costs. Your IT expenses will be relatively stable from month to month which reduces the instances where you have hundreds or thousands of dollars of additional support costs in one month.

Improved Productivity and Less Frustration. Because support is pre-paid, your staff will be free to seek assistance with smaller issues. When support is charged hourly, staff are reluctant to seek help to avoid incurring fees. This increases frustration and reduces efficiency as they are now fighting their computer systems instead of making the computers work for them.

Improved Support Quality. Quality support technicians and engineers are expensive and stable revenue streams allow us to provide higher quality support. Under this model, we essentially provide you an in-house IT department for a fraction of the cost.

Technical Support

We offer technical support on an as-needed basis or for issues not covered under a Proactive Maintenance or Fully Managed contract.

Break/Fix Support

This support is provided on an “as-needed” basis to customers who are not under a Proactive Maintenance or Fully Managed contract at a rate of $110/hr. Remote support is typically not available without a support contract. Site visits are subject to the site visit fee described below.

Contract Support

This support is provided at a discounted rate of $80/hr. to customers with a Proactive Maintenance or Fully Managed contract for issues that are not covered by the contract. Site visits are subject to the site visit fee described below.

Block Support

This option is available with Proactive Maintenance or Fully Managed contracts and allows you to pre-purchase a block of support at a discounted rate $60/hr. Blocks may be purchased on a monthly or an annual basis. Unused support from a monthly block will roll over one month. Support used in excess of the block will be billed at the normal hourly rate.

Site Visit Fee

While most issues are resolved through remote support, a site visit by a technician is sometimes required. Site visits to the Longview/Kilgore/Hallsville area will incur a fixed fee of $50 per visit in addition to the hourly rate. Site visits to the Tyler area will incur a $100 fee.

Managed Backup

We offer a fully managed backup solution for Windows devices. Backups are all about recovery so we Our backup services offer the following advantages:

  • Flexible Recovery to the original computer, new computers, or virtual machines.
  • You pay a flat monthly fee per covered device and we provide the backup software, local storage hardware, installation, configuration, monitoring and testing.
  • Off-site backup to secure data centers.

Other Services

  • Password Management. We partner with the industry leading LastPass password management service to secure your user’s and company’s credentials. As a result this service makes it easier for your users to access company data, applications, and services while eliminating the headache of remembering many passwords. At a flat rate of $9/user/month we handle all subscription fees, on-boarding and support for each covered user.
  • Email, Productivity, and Cloud Data Services. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we can provide and manage Office 365 customized to meet your needs. In addition, Services include Exchange Online (email), OneDrive (cloud storage), as well as the full Microsoft Office productivity suite.
  • Network and Server. For office environments, we can design, install, and manage networks and Windows servers.
  • Hardware as a Service. We offer desktop computers, servers, and network storage on a lease basis. You pay a flat monthly fee for the hardware, installation and configuration, maintenance and, optionally, fully managed support. For the duration of the lease, the hardware is warrantied and will be upgraded at the end of the lease. This provides you with stable, predictable IT expenditures and ensures that you always have current hardware which improves efficiency and minimized problems/downtime.

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