Managed Packages & Services

Networks and computers are not “set and forget” devices. Continuous maintenance and monitoring should be performed on all computers and network infrastructure to improve reliability and performance. Securing your computers, networks, and data against the expanding array of cyber-threats requires a multi-layer approach with proper configuration practices, updates, and monitoring for abnormal activity. Proactive maintenance is very similar to routine vehicle maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations, etc. while our monitoring is similar to vehicle inspections and helps identify underlying problems, configuration issues, and to provide baselines and trends.

Service Plans Overview

Our Proactive Maintenance plans cover your routine security and maintenance needs while helping to significantly reduce time and costs required to resolve support issues. Below is information on our service plans and what each service entails. As well as a brief description of the three tiers we offer that can best support your business.

Managed & Proactive Basic

Proactive Maintenance

Proactive Plus & Managed Services

The Managed Antivirus & Proactive Maintenance – Basic plans apply to computers & servers only and are on a per-device basis.

Proactive Maintenance-Plus and all Managed Services plans apply to computers and servers as well as network equipment (Printers, Routers, Switches, Wireless Access Points or WAP, UPS/Battery Backups, and Network Attached Storage units)

Managed Services options includes all the features of Proactive Maintenance-Plus as well as an allowance for discounted support time. This applies to Computers and Servers and adds a block of time to be used throughout the month for remote and on-site (fees may apply) technical support. Unused support will roll over one month. 

Service & Details

Below you can read detail of the network management services that are in our packages. Our packages are designed to help you maintain stable costs, improved productivity and less frustrations, and improved support quality. With our pre-paid support, your staff will be free to seek assistance with smaller issues. When support is charged hourly, staff are reluctant to seek help to avoid incurring fees.

  • Quality support technicians and engineers are expensive and stable revenue streams allow us to provide higher quality support.
  • Prices will vary depending on maintenance package and number devices for your business.
  • Some devices have varying costs due to model, subscription fees, and installed features.
  • Devices with older hardware or software or devices with unusual support requirements may require a custom quote.

Service Details

Remote Support

Allows faster response to problems and reduces expense by avoiding costly site visits.

Managed Antivirus

Our antivirus software contains full remote monitoring and management. Users are not bothered with warning messages that they may not know how to handle. Although remediation of malware is billed hourly, initial investigation of threat detections is included.

Windows Update Patching

Applications, operating systems, and devices require regular updates to fix know and security vulnerabilities and bugs and to add new features. 90% of attacks exploit know vulnerabilities for which patches were issued but were not applied.

3rd Party Application Patching

Similar to Windows Update Patching, We ensure that common 3rd party applications are kept up to date. Specialized business applications may be included as well.

Annual Physical Device Cleaning

We Physically clean covered computers and equipment to prevent overheating and damage to cooling fans which can lead to slow or premature device failure.

Cisco DNS Umbrella

Blocks malware, botnets, and phishing over any port, protocol, or app, and detects and contains advanced attacks before they can cause damage. It uses predictive analytics and machine learning to protect against know and unknown threats that are commonly missed by standard antivirus.

Exploit/Vulnerability Mitigation

Through a combination of exploit mitigation software, vulnerability scanning, and sound configuration practices, we block many of the common avenues used by malware and hackers to infect computers.

Performance and Log Monitoring

Monitoring provides automatic notification of certain issues which provides faster resolution of problems.  Monitoring also provides vital troubleshooting information. Without logs and monitoring information, remediating problems typically takes 4 times as long (and thus 4x the expense). Monitoring dramatically reduces this which results in faster resolution and reduced billable support time.

Asset/Software Tracking

Reduces incidents of lost application licenses which forces customers to repurchase software. Detailed information on IT assets also allows us to resolve problems faster which reduces billable support time.

Storage Management

We monitor storage and file share utilization and growth to avoid running out of disk space, monitor drives for errors and low lifespan, and perform routine disk maintenance such as cleanup and defragmentation or SSD optimization.

Basic User Management

Covers adding/removing users from Windows Active Directory.

Package Overview

Managed Antivirus
  • Remote Support
  • Managed Antivirus
  • Contact for hourly support rate
Proactive Maintenance Basic
  • Remote Support
  • Managed Antivirus
  • Windows Patching
  • Annual Physical Cleaning
  • Contact for hourly support rate
Proactive Plus & Managed Services
  • All services are part of the Proactive Plus & and all 3 Managed Services (Basic, Plus, & Premium)
  • Support Allowance per computer differs for each package.
  • Give us a call for pricing!

Site Visit

While most issues are resolved through remote support, a site visit by a technician is sometimes required. 

Support Hourly Rate

Contact us for the Hourly Support Rate for the maintenance package you are looking for your business.

*Prices will vary depending on package and number of workstations/computers.