What We Do

Longview Computer and Business Solutions is a Managed IT Services provider based in Longview, Texas. The company services clients throughout East Texas. Our business model is based on providing ongoing maintenance and support for the medical and business organizations. LVCNS services meet the increased need for outsourced IT departments, especially for businesses that cannot afford to hire additional staff. These organizations understand IT is a very important factor to their success. We provide our clients with higher degrees of reliability and enables them to realize a faster return on their technology investment.

IT Services

Longview Computer and Network Solutions can resolve many common IT requests directly from our office. We can remote onto your device and complete repairs for you. If that does not fix the problem for you, we can send a technician to your location.

Back Up and Security

We can protect your IT systems by running regular backups and implementing best-practice security measures.

Maintain Hardware and Software

Longview Computer and Network Solutions will deploy and maintain business hardware and software to ensure continued productivity.

Our Work

We understand the specific needs of the Business and Medical world by developing practical solutions that create results.
Longview Computer Network Solutions oversees the installation and maintenance of Computer  and Network systems within your company and ensures that the network runs smoothly. We evaluate and install the proper hardware and software necessary to keep your network functioning properly. Including working within your company’s budget to make sure the equipment purchased provides the best network devices and software.
Business and Medical networks can be extremely complex depending upon their size and composition. Technology changes quickly and LVCNS stays on top of these changes in order to keep your company’s information safe and maintained.
Glitches in networks happen and the repercussions can be costly for the operations of the company and to outside organizations and people that require a product or service. These outside organizations could have their systems affected and therefore lose faith in a company’s ability to securely handle their needs. 
Companies see the main role of an IT department as creating the applications that serve its core business needs.  These applications allow a business to be innovative, more productive, efficient, and to move ahead of its competitors.  In many ways, this makes the IT department crucial to the success of a business. However, not all businesses can afford to staff and IT Department.
That’s where Longview Computer Network Solutions can help. We are an off-site IT company that sets up and maintains your network and servers. In addition
we also link a company’s phone system into the network in order to keep records of calls and manage information data better. Phone Technology allows for better conference calls. Video and web conference including technology used to facilitate communication: network drives, electronic mail (email), and secure servers.
As with any company, security is very important. Maintaining employees ability to access a company’s computer systems and preventing unwanted users from having access are of the utmost importance for a company. In order to provide this service it might be necessary to install new software or hardware and/or repair hardware that has become faulty. We train employees in the use of all new software and assist in troubleshooting problems with the system or with an employee’s computer.

Contact Us for More Information

We would be happy help you with your technology needs and requirements. Contact Longview Computer and Network Solutions today at 903-326-9834 or Support@LVCNS.com.